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Kao Mongkol Group Company Limited operates real estate development business.

with more than 20 years of experience in management and development of housing  From a team of successful professionals in housing management from abroad  

and used to develop housing in Thailand It aims to build housing for Thai people to have their own home for a better quality of life. Therefore, we pay attention to every step of the work.

Selected standard quality materials and invent new innovations  to develop housing to be modern all the time


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At present, the Company has developed real estate projects in the area of Nakhon Pathom Province. by setting goals

vision to drive Developing the business to be one of the residential areas and upgrading the quality to be accepted



To be

The only option when deciding to invest in a home."

While ...

For Profit : To Maximize Return with sales of more than 1 billion baht by 2027

For Person : To be an organization that everyone wants to work with. by giving people the opportunity to grow and show their abilities to their fullest potential

For Residential : Proriding Residential design respond to consumer needs Select the best materials Created by experienced craftsmen

Partners : Build a network of partners. Support business relations with ethics and grow together

Environment and Community : Sustainable Growth Preserve valuable resources Provide labor and materials from the community


Create opportunities for everyone to have their own home.

through product design financial options

by truly understanding customers' lifestyles and needs


"We believe that everyone can own a home."


“Good life starts at home”   Because home is where everyone in the family can live together. So we want to build a good home. have a good environment To help create smiles and happiness for people in the house. In addition, we choose to use a professional team. Choose quality materials and design a house to accommodate family members' activities Pay attention to every step of construction To enhance the quality of life of residents better.

Image by Scott Graham
Image by Pedro Lastra

Good life starts at home

Because we believe...

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