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Kao Mongkol Group Co., Ltd. 

        Kao Mongkol Group Co., Ltd. strictly adheres to your privacy as a priority when the Company uses your personal information in business operations and / or provide services to you The Company is aware of your trust, therefore, the Company will treat your personal information with due care and reasonableness. Your personal data will be protected according to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562

Company as a controller of personal data We are legally obliged to inform you of this privacy policy. which describes the collection, use, analysis and processing including disclosing your personal information and your rights as the subject of personal data And the company confirms that it has taken steps in accordance with the said law to protect your personal information.

       This Privacy Policy reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy. Therefore, please check regularly when this Privacy Policy was last revised. any changes It will be effective immediately when the Company publishes the Privacy Policy. such amendments to the Company's website In the case of amendments that deprive you of your rights in sensitive information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the Company will proceed to obtain your consent first. unless otherwise required by law



       Personal Information (General)means personal information of a person who can identify that person either directly or indirectly. But this does not include information about the deceased and anonymous information that cannot be identified. of the owner of the information such as name, surname, address, e-mail address, ID card number Information of juristic persons according to the form of registration according to the definition of the Department of Business Development, namely taxpayer identification number. Company address


       Sensitive Personal Data This includes personal data that requires special protection. This requires special care when collecting, using or disclosing this type of personal information, such as personal information about race, ethnicity, political opinions. cult Religion or philosophy of sexual behavior Criminal records, health information, disability, trade union information Genetic data, biological data, or any other information that affects the owner of personal data in a similar manner as specified in the notification of the Personal Data Protection Committee.

       personal data subject means the person who is the owner of the personal data collected and used by the Company. or disclose personal information, including but not limited to customers, shareholders, business partners, service providers and stakeholders with the Company.

Biometrics refers to personal data generated through the use of techniques or technologies related to the application of a person's physical or behavioral characteristics to enable the identification of that individual as opposed to another person, such as a visual representation. face iris simulation data or fingerprint data

        public information Refers to personal information that the owner of the personal information discloses to the public, such as profile information. social media When using social media credentials such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line and other online platform formats existing and new platforms in the future To connect to or access any of the Company's services, such as social media account IDs, interests, likes and friend lists of personal data subjects. The personal data subject can control the storage of this privacy through the social media account settings provided by the social media service provider.

source of personal information

  1. The channel obtains personal information directly from you. through the following channels

- Registration by creating an account through the website or application.

- Contacting the company to obtain information about the housing project you are interested in.

- Appointment to visit the housing project

- Providing your information to the company when visiting the housing project

- You participate in the Company's promotional activities via electronic channels or social network channels or normal channels.

- Applying to work with the company

- Applying to be a partner of the company

       website  and provided by Kao Mongkol Group, when you access the website, various information related to your behavior or access to the website will be stored in the form of cookies (Cookies) and Various tools are used to carry out the purpose different By entering the website this time, you are agreeing to the website operator to install and use cookies (Cookies) in accordance with the Cookies Policy as follows.


1. What are cookies?

        is a small cookie (cookie script or data cookie). that were installed on the website to follow and save your information such as location, date, time, pages visited various settings as well as the behavior use the website and may be saved on the computer device. or equipment that you use to access the website However, the use of cookies (Cookies) will not cause harm or damage to your computer or communication device.

You can find more information about cookies at

2. How does Kao Mongkol Group use cookies?

   The purpose of the use of cookies on our website is as follows:

     1) Websites can improve performance. and facilitate the visitors of the website

     2) the efficiency of the visitor's use of the website Cookies help remember information about your browser. and settings of website visitors compile and analyze the number of visitors to the website that enables analysis of the user behavior, interests, use of the website services. It is a guideline to improve the website.  about relevant and interesting services for website users


   We use cookies. which can be divided into 2 types of storage characteristics:

      Session It is a temporary cookie to remember you while you visit the website of the Kao Mongkol Group, monitor the language at    you have set and selected. used, etc., and will be deleted from your computer or device. when you leave the website or have it closedweb browser

      These are cookies that will last for a specified period of time or until you delete them. This type of cookie allows the website of

      company Kao Mongkol  The Group will remember you and your settings when you return to our website. which will allow you to access

       Website service is more convenient and faster.

Use of cookies for various purposes There are four main types of cookies:

       Cookies are cookies that are necessary for the service of the website. that enables the website to be usable by enabling the basic function       the website will not work perfectly. If this type of cookie is not allowed

      Statistics Cookies It is a cookie that helps to collect statistics for the website owner. to understand usage activities and User Interactions      website by collecting and reporting anonymous visitor information.

      Cookies These are cookies used to track visitors to the website. Its purpose is to display advertisements. or related services so that the giver Website services can analyze and deliver content, products, services or advertisements that are appropriate to your interests. If you do not agree to use this type of  cookies (Cookies), you may receive information that does not match your interests.

       These cookies help to remember computer or electronic device information when you visit the website, such as the login information These can help you to use the website more conveniently. Without providing information or setting the   selection again, if you do not agree to the use of these types of cookies. It may cause you to use the website inconvenient and ineffective.

4. Links to other websites

     The Kao Mongkol Group's website may contain links to third party websites or social media, including content or videos derived from social media such as YouTube or Facebook, etc., which will allow you to access content and interact with others on social media from the Kao Mongkol Group website. got The websites or social media of third parties will set and set their own cookies, and Kao Mongkol Group has no control or responsibility for those cookies. You are also encouraged to read and review their policies or notices on the use of cookies.

5. How do you manage cookies?

     most of the time. Web browsers are set to consent to cookies by default. You can opt out of cookies by configuring the settings in the web browser you are using. However, you must be aware that if you decline consent to the use of cookies (Cookies) at all, you may not. Can operate all or part of the website conveniently or efficiently.

The link below will take you to the service. “Help” of various browsers There is a service available. You can find information about managing cookies of the browser you are using.

  1. Internet Explorer

  2. Microsoft Edge

  3. Google Chrome

  4. Firefox

  5. Safari

  6. Safari iOS

  7. Android

6. Amendments to the announcement

      Kaomongkol Group reserves the right to change and amend this Cookies Policy for compliance. and appropriate for situations that may change Therefore, you are requested to periodically monitor the Cookies Policy of the website. To check for information on changes to the Cookies Policy that the website operator will notify you through various channels

7. Privacy Policy

     You can learn more about the use of personal data. including details of the controller of personal data from Privacy Policy announced by Kao Mongkol Group

8. Contact Kao Mongkol Group

     If you have questions. Want to ask for more information? or have suggestions about the use of cookies on the website You can contact to


or  Contact HR
Business hours Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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