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Sustainable development

Kao Mongkol Group Co., Ltd. 

Kao Mongkol Group

            1). Promoting good quality of life for employees
Focusing on physical and mental quality  Due to the nature of the industry, the proportion of male employees is higher than females. The executive policy therefore focuses on equality. mutual respect and monitoring threats at all levels by providing free and safe channels for expressing opinions  and promoting knowledge skills through training It also provides scholarships for employees who wish to continue their studies. To continue in the line  In addition, it also makes the workplace convenient, clean and safe, for example, the bathroom environment is suitable for female employees during menstruation, such as emergency sanitary napkins. in order for employees to relieve their concerns in such situations. There are sports facilities for employees to relax. and strengthen unity, etc.


              2). Be a part of driving community and social development

The Company takes part in giving back to the community by hiring local people to have work. Bringing items used in the project to donate to Suan Kaew Foundation Donating paper boxes to give to SCG to assemble beds for covid patients. Giving scholarships and supplies to the Children's Foundation It also allocates coronavirus vaccines to employees. Employees' families, partners, contractors and community representatives are also included.


3) Caring for the environment and using resources efficiently

The Group attaches great importance to environmental stewardship. Lae: Use resources efficiently. with guidelines from the body in the office until the construction as well as completed projects delivered to customers



Caring for the environment in the office
Focus on the efficient use of resources while protecting the environment. by installing solar cells to provide light outside the building Reducing paper-consuming workflows and campaigning for water closures Turn off the lights when not in use, etc.

Image by Hamed Taha

Caring for the environment within the project
The use of water that has passed through the wastewater treatment system is used to water the plants in the project. Installing solar panels in the project park Using eco-friendly products to build houses, such as Eco block, which uses recycled cement scraps to pour back into the road. Recycle wood scraps into keychains. or using vinyl from billboards to make cloth bags for employees, etc.

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